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RETRO RANGE TOYS AND GAMES 50 MARBELS NEW IN BOX 0 0 1 892 5087 LMU 42 11 5968 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE Please look at all photos for more detailed look and anything not mentioned here By bidding on this item it is agreed upon that you have read this entire post, have viewed all/any supplemental pictures/videos, and have exhausted any questions about this item you may have in regards to this item. •There are two ways to describe an item. One way is via text, the other way is via photographs. Use both to familiarize yourself w/ this product before purchasing. •If it’s not in the pictures, its not included. •All item sold as is, as shown, untested, without any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee unless otherwise noted. IF YOU PAID FOR IT WE WILL SHIP IT ASAP, WE WILL NOT CANCEL Don’t worry will NOT try to remove any stickers or labels from the box. We will over box all toners. Please be advised that items designated in eBays ‘USED’ or ‘PREVIOUSLY OWNED’ items will to some degree show superficial signs of normal use & wear, even if you can’t see them in the pictures, such as scuffs, scratches, chips, creases, small dings/dents, rust, spots, stains, dirt, dust, signs of installation and removal, previous owners name/initials, age and may have wear to moving parts that you would not expect from purchasing a new item…and any more note worthy condition issues than such will be mentioned or photographed above. This would also of course apply to any vintage or antique item as well. Furthermore, to keep costs/overhead down and pass the savings on to you (the buyer), we may not always clean our items prior to listing, so used items may need cleaning. Look at pictures above. If this is something that concerns you, we would advise you purchase a new item. we understand that to buy a previously owned item you have not seen, from an eBay Seller you have not met, requires a leap of faith. That is why we make every effort to accurately and fairly describe our items to our customers via text and to accurately represent the item via numerous photos, to the best of our ability. However, with all pre-owned or used items, the condition is subjective. Any errors are unintentional and at best should be very minor such as small, minor, cosmetic imperfections unless otherwise noted above. •Buyer agrees to research size and fit at their local shoe store prior to purchase, and agrees not to hold seller accountable for manufacturer sizing running small/large etc to trueness to size. Buyer also acknowledges that some peoples right or left foot can be slightly larger/smaller than the other foot, and this is not fault of the seller. Buyer acknowledges item may vary in shade and or color from photo(s) simply based on the fact we have no control over how your computer monitor setting are set, how photography studio lighting captures actual colors and no control over your individual color blindness levels. We do however use color corrected bulbs specifically for digital web formats. The only form of payment accepted is Pay Pal. We ship within 2 business days. In accordance with eBays ‘business days’ policy, Saturday & Sunday are not business days. All SALES ARE FINAL and AND ALL ITEMS SOLD AS IS and WITH ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS ON ALL OUR ITEMS….with some exceptions of course. Return exceptions are those exceptions which rest in the area of the item not being the item you purchased, as if we sent you the wrong item, or if we send you an item and it comes defective or non functioning. We aim to please, don’t worry. Assuming an item was in better shape than you assumed/expected and or anticipated is it not a reasonable excuse for a return. Buyers remorse is not an reasonable excuse for a return. All approved item for return MUST be returned in the condition is was shipped, and in ALL original packaging materials, and must be shipped back within two working days of the day tracking information shows delivered. Items found to be tampered with, altered, improperly packaged etc. will be refused at time of delivery. ITEM NOT AS DESCRIBED / BUYER PROTECTION / FEEDBACK: Due to the lenient terms and conditions of eBays Buyer Protection program, we as sellers will take the necessary steps in protecting ourselves from the few eBay users who are abusing eBays Buyer Protection Program by frivolously, and frequently claim items “Not as described.” If you feel you item was truly “Not as described” please let us know, by emailing us. 99.9% of the time the error is on our end and will request the item returned or destroyed, and we will gladly refund you your money. If we feel the complaint is truly unjust, we will not settle the “Item not as described” inquiry outside a eBay/PayPal “Item not as described” dispute and request that you file an official dispute at that time against us. eBay keeps track of every single “Item not as described” disputes that buyers make on sellers. We will officially notify eBay of every single buyer who files an “item not as described” dispute against us. eBay seller accounts found to have excessive disputes filed on sellers will be put under investigation by eBay of “Abusing eBay” and “Misuse of eBay Buyer Protection” and may have their accounts temporarily, indefinitely or permanently suspend. If you are not one of these people, then there is no need for concern. Our goal is to make you happy and earn your positive feedback but please understand that we will not cancel a sale once it is purchased and an unpaid case will be automatically filed, and please ask us prior to leaving feedback if there is a legitimate problem with any item we sell to help resolve any issue. Thank you for your business and hope you have an awesome experience with us and shop again.

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